About Us

cropped-KindAccounting_logo_color1.jpgLaura Durham CPA – Principal


Laura graduated from CSU in 2001. After graduation she worked for Arthur Anderson on the audit team. She moved into the corporate world at Swift & Co where she worked with international accounting teams. Most recently she was in a finance manger positon at Woodward Inc. (Formerly Woodward Governor Co).

She started Kind Accounting Services in January of 2013 with the desire to help those struggling to find the right CPA firm. She has a focus on the cannabis industry and the special requirements around 280E. She has extensive knowledge in the industry and experience with a 280E company IRS audit. She and her team have all of the solutions for all of your companies’ needs.


John Clark – Office Manager, Database Management

John is a power management application engineer who recently retired from Woodward Inc. to live a “better life”.
John is developing our customer database and helping with other administrative tasks.