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Kind Accounting Services LLC

Our mission is to help companies set up and maintain a solid financial system. Accurate records are essential for making informed management decisions and to ensure that correct information is being provided to the IRS. For 280E clients, we will minimize your tax bill while maximizing all legitimate deductions. We take pride in our work and want to establish partnerships with clients who are engaged and care about their business too. The cost of doing things right the first time is always cheaper than fixing an error from the past, IRS penalties, interest, audit support, etc.

Your Kind Accounting Services Team

Laura Durham CPA

Laura graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in Business administration. After graduation she worked for Arthur Anderson on the audit team. She moved into the corporate world at Swift & Co where she worked with international accounting teams. Her last corporate position was Finance Manager at Woodward Inc. Specialties: • 280E Compliance • IRS Audit Assistance • IT support

Christine McDonald

Christine is a recent convert to bookkeeping, she earned a certificate in Bookkeeping from FRCC in 2019. She worked for years in shipping and receiving, most recently at a brewery and prior to that in retail health food stores. Christine was an intern for Kind Accounting while she was working on her certificate.

John Clark
Office Manager based in Loveland CO
John graduated from Regis University with a Computer Science degree. John is a power management application engineer who recently retired from Woodward Inc. to live a "better life". He is developing our customer database and helping with other administrative tasks. John is a US Navy veteran

Kind Accounting Services, LLC
CPA Firm License: 5000124
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Individual License: 25873
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Physical address: 4415 Georgetown Dr. Loveland, CO 80538

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