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Tax Services

Kind Accounting Services, LLC can assist you with all of your tax needs, or, let’s be honest, tax requirements. We work with all of the following business structures and will analyze your current tax structure to insure that it is the best fit for your enterprise. As a business grows, or morphs, to fit the customers needs, so may the tax consequences of your current tax structure.

This is not something to undertake lightly, there are costs involved, and you are only eligible to change your structure every 5 years or so, check local rules. 

Sole Proprietorships – Are you maximizing all of your allowable deductions? We will make sure that you get the maximum benefits from your home based business.

Partnerships – Is all partner income all pass through? Are any partners are active in the business? We will complete your 1065 return, issue K-1 to all partners to complete

S-Corp & C-Corp – Are guaranteed payments reasonable? We will work to find was to keep as much of your companies income, in the company, and out of the IRS coffers.



Colorado 280E Compliance

At Kind Accounting Services we will maximize your allowable taxable deductions while maintaining compliance with 280E. We assisted one of our dispensary clients with an IRS audit and helped resolve it with positive outcome. That experience provided us a lot of insight into where the IRS is concentrating their focus. There will be more audits to come, especially if 280E was has not been complied with in prior years.



Accounting Services

Bookkeeping & Payroll- We will help you set up your bookkeeping and payroll systems.

Audit Support – We can assist clients with IRS audits

Financial Systems – Will offer advise on financial products and services available. We help you set up a solid financial structure for your business to make ongoing accounting task easier.


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